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Whether making wide connected continuous arc turns with boots and legs "glued" together or deep cut carving on steeper inclines where speed control is a must -- THE POWER SKI has the power!   

Simone Valtorta of Arconate Italy, has rapidly gained expertise using
Skishorties with extensive evaluations on the steep slopes of
Northern Italy and the Swiss Alps 

 Traditional parallel, once known as "tight parallel", using straight edged skis has almost completely given way to the "skis apart" style where shaped skis stay in a parallel position but turn separately. The Power Ski will not only get you safely down the steep slopes with knife-like edge movements to maintain control, but its straight edges restore and preserve the elegance of true parallel with efficiency because the twenty-two inches of ski is right there under the boot and at the heart of the action! The first of a series of 3 models, the 3.5 inch unit  "Power Ski" is recommended for groomed trails and snow-packed lift lines.  The two additional models "Knight Rider4" and "Knight Rider5" will provide more "float" for all-trail and all-mountain use. 

With the comparable weight to traditional skis and boards, the needed stability provides serious edge control on the steeper slopes. The highly polished and friction free stainless steel-to-snow connection of the Power Ski will cut hard packed turns like butter, when the cheaper light weights may leave you crawling back up onto the trail!

The toe and heel screw down plates of the FLEXI FIT binding allow quick and secure ski boot attachment of any size standard ski boot size 4 through 14 with just a few easy turns of anterior and posterior locking thumb screws! A lifetime warranty on both the ski and Flexi Fit binding is included with purchase price with guaranteed component replacement if proven defective.

Click on MICRO SKI DEMOS at left margin to see Jay Peak (and related) demo videos.

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